The blends on test in Helsam

You've been asking about it for a long time and it's great to be able to share it now!

You have asked if the 3 blends could also be available in health food stores around the country. And now the Brain blend family has arrived in selected Helsam stores. 

The 3 blends are on a sort of test in selected stores for a period of time before they decide if they want to take them into all their stores as well as online.

So this is where your support means the world ❤️

Just like when Brain blend was being tested in Emmerys, how many people went in there and ordered, shared and asked for it in the other stores - it made a huge difference and you have a huge thank you for that! It has now been 1 year and he is still there and thriving in all their 31 stores. 

Now it has come to Helsam and I hope you will help spread the word so that everyone can easily get a clean and organic alternative to tea and coffee ❤️

The 3 test stores are: Helsam Amagerbrogade, Helsam Nørrebrogade and Middelfartso finally visit them 💗💜💛 and ask for them in the other stores.

I hope together we can create a revolution where ecology, taste, quality and latte mixes of pure ingredients and without added sugar are allowed to hit the shelves for the people. 

Let's do this together 💞🔥

With love, Ida

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