Chai latte mix without added sugar and vegan and organic - the first in Denmark

Can you make a Chai latte mix with no added sugar that is organic and vegan and that ALSO tastes good?!

I set out to test that. 

Because hey - it can't be right that all the ones you find on the Danish market are full of sugar, e-numbers, milk powder and flavorings. 

At least I want to change that. 

So I went to the kitchen and played with spices. 

Organic Chai spices; 

Ceylon cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves, nutmeg and black pepper.

The whole kitchen smelled. 

Delicious and spicy. 

And I added sunflower lecithin which gives a delicious creaminess.   

After a few tries I hit it - just like it should!

Spicy, tastes of something and has a round balanced taste between the spices.

And most importantly, it TASTE of CHAI. 

Not just some sweet stuff with a hint of chai - it really has character, pabout a test taster wrote. 

So here is Denmark's first and only Chai latte mix, which is both organic and without added sugar. Also without milk powder and other, so it is also vegan and gluten-free. 

And just look at its nutritional content, which I am really proud of! Look in particular dietary fiber, protein and the very low of carbohydrates, sugars. It is rarely seen in a Chai latte mix as you can see below.  

The great thing is that in addition to using it for chai lattes, you can also put it in pancakes, waffles, puff balls and cakes. In fact, there are unimaginable possibilities. 

And right now I'm making a lot of recipes for you, just to show how you can use it too. 

There are 100 grams in the bag, which gives 50 cups and that corresponds to approx. DKK 5 pr. head. 

It comes out in June and right now you can pre-order it at a discount here >

+300 bags have already been pre-ordered. 

And I have no doubt that you will also love this Chai blend.

Just like the first test tasters love it.  

> Find Chai blend her <

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