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Milk foam and herbal drinks

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Foam on top is like the top of the wreath cake - it just makes the experience more delicious. 

When you are in a café you usually get a delicious foam and now you can also get foam on top at home.  

I am often asked which milk frother I use and can recommend, as well as which herbal drink.  

That's why I've created this post to collect the answers on this topic. 

But before we talk about milk frothers, we have to talk about herbal drinks, because it doesn't matter which one you use. 

Plant drink

I recommend using plant potion for both blends and preferably oat milk. 

And those called "Barista", they are suitable for foaming and give a delicious thick foam. 

There are now an incredible number of brands on the market. 

I have 2 favorites.

One is the gray barista oat milk from Oatly (it was previously called iKaffe).

Oatly havredrik

The other is a new organic one from Rema 1000. 

It is so delicious and also foams really well and it is cheaper (approx. DKK 13) end Oatly (approx. SEK 20).

Havredrik Rema1000


And of course you have to decide for yourself which milk you prefer to use, there is nothing wrong with that. I use oat drink. 

Milk frothers

I've tried many milk frothers over time, but I keep coming back to Bodum. 

And when I got the opportunity to test this Bistro version of (vare nr. 11902-01EURO) I said yes, thank you. 

It's really good, doesn't take up much and it produces a good foam, is easy to clean and can heat 400 ml. at a time. So it's also the one I take with me under my arm when we can do demos again. 

You can find it here > 

And of course it heats and froths your milk in a very short time. 


Bodum bistro mælkeskummer

I have also had model (11870-01EURO) and it is also good. You can find it here >


I hope this post made you a little smarter about herbal drinks and milk frothers and can give you foam on top of your blends. 

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