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New blend - Chai blend without added sugar

Many have asked for it. 

And I have found that there are no 'pure' chai blends on the market that are sugar free, milk free and ingredients you can actually pronounce.
And in just one cup of chai latte at a café, it can contain up to 25 sugar cubes. 

In those on the market right now, this is the content:


That's why I've started making the cleanest and tastiest chai blend from good organic ingredients, so you can easily and quickly get a chai latte at home. 

The ingredients in the new Chai blend:

Ceylon kanel, ingegær, kardemomme, soleic lecithin, nlike, nutmeg and sort pepper. All organic, of course. 

You can possibly flavor it with the sweetener you prefer if you want it sweeter than it is. 

It is made with boiling water and hot herbal drink.  

Contents: 100 grams which can make 50 cups. This corresponds to less than DKK 5. pr. head. 

Will be produced in Denmark. 

There are many who have missed this product 

If you are also tired of Chai with half a kilo of sugar in it, you will love this one!

Are you one of the many who have already pre-ordered the new Chai blend - then THANKS A LOT! 

(The amount is deducted only when the product has been sent)

Pre-order the new Chai blend here >

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